Pula 2017 – photos, diary

Prize Giving Ceremony

Finally the biggest Pula Bridge Festival has ended then Prize Giving Ceremony then Party Time in hotel Histria

Day 7 and 8, September 8th and 9th

315 pairs (new record) participated in main open pairs tournament in memory of Miljenko Brkljacic.

Day 5 and 6, September 6th and 7th

129 teams (new record as well) and after 120 boards and 2 and 1/2 days Polish team Bridge24.pl won.

Day 4, September 5th

Mixed Pairs – 170 (new record) and Non-mixed pairs – 122 (new record). How many pairs we can expect in main BRK open pairs? I guess 325 :):):)

President European Bridge League Yves Aubry participates in Pula Bridge Festival. It’s great honour for us

Day 3, September 4th

102 teams. New record in Board-A-Match teams.

Results here


Day 2, September 3nd

Many, many people, many, many teams. 68 mixed teams (new record) and 50 non-mixed teams (new record as well 🙂 ). Raining outside and hot atmosphere in the playing area

Results here

Day 1, September 2nd

228 pairs participated in the first tournament – Butler. It’s new record!!!! As usual a start of the play was difficult because in the last 15 minutes appoximately 50 pairs arrived so the play started at 21.20.

Results here

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